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Next generation electric vehicles require batteries that demonstrate a high energy density and a long service life in a cost-effective way as well as meeting superior safety standards. Xerabrid separators are created specifically for lithium batteries (both lithium-ion and lithium-sulfur) that demand highest standards of quality and safety. 


차세대 전기차에는 고안전성과 저비용에 대한 고객의 요구를 충족하며 동시에 고에너지밀도/장수명 리튬이차전지 제조에 필수적인 고효율 복합분리막이 필요합니다제라브리드는 이러한 요구에 부응하는 미래차용 리튬이차전지 (리튬이온 및 리튬황)

최적화된 복합분리막을 개발하였습니다.


New platform business that connects base separator industry and secondary battery industry

(주)제라브리드의 비지니스 모델은 분리막 원단산업과 이차전지 제조산업을 연결하는 새로운 개념의 플랫폼 비지니스입니다.


Find out more about our company advantages, our expertise and how we will work to find the best possible solution for your business. Learn more about our professional services. Our skilled and experienced staff will be happy to advise you.


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