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Are you looking for LIBS for next generation secondary batteries? We have developed a polymer-ceramic hybrid network material and this can help you prepare long-lasting safe lithium-ion batteries for EV and ESS apllications. We are not a battery maker nor a separator maker but we created new platfrm business to link battery industry and separator industry.

Find out more about our company advantages, our expertise and how we will work to find the best possible solution for your business. Learn more about our professional services. Our skilled and experienced staff will be happy to advise you.

- New platform business that connects base separator industry and secondary battery industry

- 분리막 원단 산업과 이차전지 산업을 연결해주는 새로운 개념의 플랫폼 비즈니스
- 고온용 분리막에 적합한 원단은 글로벌 분리막 원단 업체를 통해 공급 받음
- 차세대 이차전지에 적합한 고온용 분리막은 글로벌 이차전지 기업과 공동개발 및 적기 납품
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